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I’m sat by the pool and I hear my daughter screeching “OWWWWW, WHAT ARE YOU DOING!! MUMMMM HES JUST SCRATCHED ME WITH HIS FOOT, HE NEEDS HIS TOENAILS CUTTING!!!” (Cringe) Most of the mums are looking at me with that, 'Is that your child face!' Just then my Corona arrives, I wish I’d ordered something a bit stronger, it’s been a long day...

Kids, don’t you just love them!... or as I’ve been saying to myself the past few days, 'Kids you're doing my friggin’ head in!!'  Now don’t get me wrong, I adore my brood.  The older two are not a problem really, I mean I haven’t seen Josh all day, and Harry just keeps watching Netflix under the towel on the lounger and only speaks to ask for food or drinks.  Charlie is working for the day and so my main responsibilities are to feed the kids, water the kids, make sure they don’t get in to any trouble in or around the pool, relax (yeah right!)... but mainly to referee the two of them and make sure they don't succeed in killing each other at several intervals throughout the day.

I love posting pictures of the family, smiling sweetly and them looking quite zen, but the reality of it is I have a bossy 3 year old who has boundless energy and the loudest voice known to man;  then I have an 8 year old who gets annoyed being bossed bossed by the 3 year old, and loves to wind her up.  Most of the time this results in me separating them, then having to monitor them at different ends of the pool.  No wonder my neck is hurting, all I’ve done is go back and forth keeping an eye on them like I’m watching an invisible tennis match!  They regularly compete for who can scream MUM the loudest across the pool (Ella wins hands down).  One wants to go the beach, the other wants to play in the jacuzzi or Cocoon as Ella likes to call it.  If either one of us needs the loo, then we all have to go together which can become quite eventful when I’m desperate and they do not want to budge from the pool.  Amidst all this I’m clicking away taking my pics, hoping there’ll be a decent one for my timeline.  Not because I want to give a false impression of my life, but because I love to document all these trips, tales & experiences so that I don’t forget them and so my kids have something amazing to look back on when they are older.

I especially love taking pictures on our family holiday, they are the times where we often make our fondest memories. It’s when everyone can be carefree and stay up late and eat lots of naughty food. Where I get dunked in the pool several times by all the members of the family when I really don't want to get my hair wet. Where the youngest learns to swim (Ella accomplished this today with the help of a swim aid and her big bro Harry). When the kids make friends and cry when they have to say goodbye. And where dad/stepdad gets excited planning really busy days jam packed with things to do, when all anyone else wants to do is chill by the pool. Where I have 2 vinos, and think I tell jokes better than Mickey Flannigan! And where at the end of the day you get the hugs from the kids (my older boys) they never seem to want to give you back home. And I’m there snapping away all day long whether you like it or not!

It’s easy to get stressed out on holiday, which defeats the point of why you are away, but kids do push you to the limits at times. I’m not ashamed to say that although Ella is my fourth child, there have been times where I have had to take myself off and have a little cry. Not that long ago we went out for the day and she wouldn’t listen to a word I said. I started to get in my own head and berate myself, telling myself I should be parenting her better and I got really upset. I took myself off to the loo and cried like a baby. Once done, I took a few deep breaths and went back outside. I was a bit taken aback as I couldn’t actually remember the last time that had happened, but I could remember doing it a fair few times in my 16 years of being a mum. I’m not sure what it is with girls, but mine is as feisty as they come! She is very particular in what she wants, and if it’s not exactly how she wants it then the whinging commences which slowly drives me insane.

So behind every picture that I post up on social media there are many different tales! Some pictures are from days when everyone is living in the moment and having the best time. And others have been strategically taken amidst bickering and whinging and just generally being annoying! But in years to come I’ll look back on all these memories and be so thankful I decided to document them all. Now cameras are part of our phones that we carry with us constantly, we're so lucky we get to capture everything! Get shooting all the wonderful things that you love. And the little bits of magic in between.


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