The Lion, the Witch and a Detoxed Wardrobe!

Everyone needs this detox in their lives…..

You know that feeling when you open your wardrobe and you’re hit with a wall of crap? Completely underwhelmed and uninspired by the tangle of clothes that’s definitely more ‘shabby shabby’ than ‘shabby chic’.   This is me every day!

I have moved a few times over the past 18 months (because a house renovation dragged on longer than any Grand Designs project I’ve ever seen) and my wardrobe has been horrendously neglected.

The ‘wardrobe’ was always a place of pride for me but in two years of numerous house moves, it became a big inconvenience – and stuffed to the gills with crap.

The past year, I have felt as though I’ve lost my way a bit with my style. When I wake most mornings I go the gym, and after I’ll get changed in to comfy clothes.  My ‘go to’ wardrobe staples are trainers, skinny jeans, T-shirt or jumper.  It is such a boring look!

I’ve been feeling so uninspired of late when it comes to fashion.  I used to look at clothes as an extension of my personality and individuality.  What’s happened to me?

This latest ‘mumsie comfy casual’ look is not good… so I’ve taken serious action!

I got in touch with a good friend of mine who’s a stylist and asked for help injecting a bit of pizazz in to how I dress!

Hey world, I’m ready for you!”

Why have I suddenly gone from someone who loved taking fashion risks to dressing ‘mumsie’!?  I think it may also be an age thing at play.  Even though I constantly clear stuff out of my wardrobe, once my brutal de-clutter started I realised how badly I have been hanging on to the past. I had clothes that I hadn’t worn for years, actually I had no intentions of ever wearing them ever again.  They were too low in the waist or high on the hem and generally far too inappropriate or just generally uncomfortable to wear… but there they still hung, in the darkest corners of my wardrobe😩

Then there were the items my nan (god rest her soul) wouldn’t be seen in…. what had possessed me to purchase such dowdy fashion abominations?!  I had an awful array of mini-skirts, even though I rarely even wear a skirt!? There were pieces that had long seen their day and should have been ejected years ago!

Today was the perfect day for me to reclaim a bit of me that has been lost for a while in the depths of my closet…..

My stylist friend, who’s honesty I love, was looking at me saying – “What on earth happened to you, Per Una?!”  Now, not that there is anything wrong with Per Una, but it’s just not me!  So many things she pulled out I said “I’ve only worn that once.”

I’d totally forgotten I had nice bits because I was stuck in a loop of grabbing the same old t-shirt or worn jumper out of convenience and comfort.

The decluttering process was really simple.  As well as chucking out pieces, she would ask me things like “How would you normally wear this?”  And then give me alternative ways of styling it, which is something I used to be so good at.

My Wardrobe Detoxed!Just 3 hours later I had a brilliantly edited version of my wardrobe with all the best bits in order from left to right – tops, t’s, shirts, jumpers, trousers, jackets etc – and so much knowledge of what it is I actually have on my rails now.  I know that when I wake tomorrow I’ll be able to see all my prized possessions and feel really excited and inspired to pull together an outfit that says “Hey world, I’m ready for you!” instead of “Can’t really be bothered today.”