Nativity Giggles

ALL pre Christmas, post Christmas and beyond we have been serenaded by Ella with her nativity song repertoire that she learnt at Nursery. Now don’t get me wrong, it’s mega cute watching her and hearing the rhymes on repeat over, and over (and over) again, but we’re all struggling to keep a straight face because for some unfathomable reason she calls ‘Jesus’ as ‘Cheesus’…

‘Mary, Mary, Mary, you will have a baby, Cheesus, Cheesus, will be his name.’  I keep getting visions of a baby in a manger with a block of cheese as its head! Silly, I know! But the innocence of it is too much to handle at times.Ella Nativity 2017

After many attempts of trying to get Ella to say Jesus, I’ve given in and now sing Cheesus too!

Back to the nativity. Ella was a real star on the day. I thought I’d be crying watching her but I was in complete shock at the  amount of confidence and the energy she brought to be role of being an Angel. I don’t know why I didn’t expect her to be so confident, as she’s never been a wall flower! She’s in a household with 3 brothers, with big personalities so from the get go I suppose it’s massively bolstered her confidence – and they all love her! Still though, I don’t get to see to see her shine like that in her own right too often.


I just sat there (probably like every other parent watching their child!) in awe of my baby girl, dressed beautifully, beaming with the most beautiful smile from ear to ear. She kept waving at us and by the end of the play she’d managed to wriggle her way to the front of the alter in prime position to sing her heart out.

Ella Nativity 2017

In case you’re wondering what happened to the tree costume, I wore it at my mum & dads house Christmas party – waste not, Want not!