New Year – New You. Blah, blah, blah!

Happy new year to you all and welcome back to Gurgles and Hurdles first blog of 2019.

Now I do have to say sorry for the lack of blogs towards the end of last year. I think like a lot of people, life took over and I became bogged (rather than blogged!) down and wasn’t finding the time to do the things I really wanted to do. Blogging has become a big love of mine, but once in the blogging community you do realise that it really is a full time job. 15 hours a week is just scratching the surface of what is really needed to keep your blog up to date, informative and of interest enough for people to come back and read time after time.

I became daunted by the prospect of having to find so much content with so little spare time. And that overwhelming feeling of constantly being on the back foot made me run away from something that really did give me a lot of joy.  But as they say, New Year – New You, and I really do believe in this.

It does make me laugh when I read blogs and tweets with people being so offended and negative to those who embrace the new year with new goals, a brighter outlook, a new fitness plan or those who just want to place their minds in a more positive place and give themselves the much needed tlc they missed out on the year before. I say, ‘Good for you!’

For me, the new year is all about reflecting on the past year and focusing your positive energy to move forward and create a rather awesome year ahead. Really trying to focus on the parts that you didn’t like so you can stop that from happening again and make the following year a more positive and enjoyable one. How can you change your behaviour? How can you change how you mentally process your thoughts and feeling as not to end up stuck in a rut or berate yourself over things that are out of your control?  How can you make that positivity last longer and longer each day?  How can you focus more on the good and be more grateful each day for all that we do have.  How can we be more inspired?  The list is endless, but having a plan at the start of the year cannot be anything other than exciting and motivating.

My first resolution for this year is to blog as much as humanly possible!  It doesn’t matter that other blogs seem to post every day, that is them and I can’t compare myself with that. I have promised to write a blog each week minimum about my passions of parenting, travel, my kids, anything really, as long as it is of interest to you guys.  I also want to try and do more vlogging, videos with myself and other mums and parents. I think sitting down and talking openly about how we feel as parents, women and discussing things that truly matter to us will be empowering for all.  But being the technophobe that I am, I’ve told myself I can’t do it.  Well not any more!  I’ve bought a camera stand and light and I want to make videos more a part of my blog this year.

Resolution number 2 – stop smoking. Yes, ashamed to say it, especially being a singer but I have smoked on and off for many years. I have come to realise that I managed every aspect of my stress levels with a cigarette. But not any more! I am now in to my second week of not smoking and I feel great. The first thing I have really noticed is my energy levels have gone right up. I’m not getting more sleep than usual but I must be having better, deeper sleeps. And also my skin is coming back to life slowly but surely. Also, I really do want to be the best mum I can for my kids for the longest amount of time possible! It hasn’t been easy, I’ve felt very weak and pathetic at times but I have refrained from going back to the cigarette and I’m feeling really good.

Resolution number 3 – be more organised. This is something I am working on every year. With a career, 4 children, partner, dog, family, there always seems to be things that slip the net or that are forgotten, and at times that leads to a lot of stress. I keep everything in my phone diary but if I ever lost my phone or it didn’t back up I would be in a lot of trouble! I’m currently looking into a good planner that I can keep on my handbag with me. I always find writing things down help me remember a lot more than just typing it in to my diary. And also, I just really irritated myself with how scatty I can be at times!

A prime example – it was my son Harry’s 14th birthday in New Year’s Eve. I had been working away all December doing Panto in Ipswich. I had organised 3 of his friends to be dropped off at our house for midday and then an Escape Room with everyone at 1.30pm. The only problem with that was, the Escape Room was booked for Midday, not 1.30pm so we missed the slot and had 4 excited kids waking for us to take them out for the day! Myself and my partner were then at panic stations trying to find something else to do, and on New Years Eve it’s not that simple. Needless to say, we did find a virtual reality escape room that went down a treat with them all, but it could have been a huge disaster.

Resolution number 4 – squat every morning and evening. I have decided that I want a really peachy bum for the summer so 100 squats when I wake and 100 before bed is what I have promised myself. Since having 4 kids my arse just isn’t what it used to be so this year it’s getting a butt makeover and fingers crossed that all goes to plan and I can do a Pammy running down the beach in a thong! No, not really. But a more toned bottom would be nice and I know Santa won’t ever be able to help out with that one!

Also, myself and Charlie have signed up to do Tough Mudder in April. So I will continue my fitness regime, but now I have something to aim for and a pretty tough fitness challenge ahead.

And my final resolution is to do more gigs and music on my own. When having a platform that was a huge as my band Atomic Kitten, it takes time to move away from that. I love my musical history and I love the fact that I can still gig with Liz and pretend to be a pop star for a few hours every now and then. But my passion is singing, and my voice has matured so much, I really want to explore making music on my own and maybe creating a new and exciting sound. 20 years has passed since being in the band, 2019 is going to be a year that I put myself first and what I want to do musically. Who knows what could happen, but I just feel very exited to be going back in to the studio. And if nothing comes of it at all, at least I will be able to say I tried.

So that’s my roundup of what I will be planning for the upcoming year. I also have a few other exciting things to plan but I can tell you more about that in other blogs.

For now, I just want to wish you all the best. Go out there and seize the year! It will only be as amazing as you make it, so promise yourself to make it a good one.


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