No Nappy Nighttimes

Happy Ella with teddy

There’s such a fixation on doing things ‘by the book’ and people love to give advice on the ‘best’ way to do things when it comes to your babies.  Whether it be when to stop breast feeding, weaning your baby off night time bottles, taking away the dummy, or the age to get them out of nappies.  But what works for one child doesn’t mean it will work for yours, or for a first child, the second.  Maybe it’s the rebel in me, but I’ve never been in any hurry to conform!  There’s no pleasing everyone, and EVERY child is different.

With every development stage, I’ve found the more you try and rush your child, the more difficult it makes the scenario.  You know when they’re ready and a gentle approach seems to make the transitions much smoother.  And after a good few months of Ella wearing her night time pull-ups in bed, she’s now reached the point of ‘no nappy night times’.

Mummy, I’m nearly a big girlElla

For a good few weeks, not every morning but the majority, Ella has been waking up with dry pull ups.  Of course this all depends on how much she’s drunk the evening before, if she has managed to go the toilet before bed, and how long she has been awake before I get her out of bed.  She’s still a little too young to make the connection between waking up and going to the loo.  So most mornings I’ve run in to her, to get her to the loo before her pull ups get wet.

The fact that she is very excited to try this next stage is an added bonus too.  She keeps saying ‘Mummy, I’m nearly a big girl.’

Last week we started our new routine and I kept a little journal for us – more of an encouragement tool that we could monitor progress with.  If she did have a bad night, I could remind her of all the other successful nights.  I didn’t want her feeling like she’d failed if the bed was wet in the morning.  Before we started the new routine we spoke about accidents and how it wasn’t important if there were any, and she could come get me straight away, and the most important thing was, she was trying.

Proud Ella with her dry Huggies Drynite matSo last Monday we started no nappy nightimes! We kept the same bedtime routine – warm bath then Ella choosing what pj’s she wants to wear to bed… she opted for her Frozen ones, great choice👍🏼. We headed the loo to go for a wee (a very little one).  Then I got out the Huggies drynite mat to put down under her sheets.  Ella likes to do things her way and wanted to have the sheet on top of the bedding, because they come with sticky tabs that are fine to stick down on top of the sheets.  She wanted to call nanny to tell her about how excited she was about going nappy free so we did.  Then we read her favourite Frozen book, (again!).  After snuggles and ‘I love you’s’ she was well away.

Tuesday morning I went in to wake up Ella and she was already stirring. I asked her how did it go with no pull ups on and she jumped out the bed to check her Huggies drynites mat.  She was smiling from ear to ear, she had made it through her first night staying dry.  She took the mat off the bed and said ‘Mummy, I don’t need that now.’  She was so proud of herself and then we popped straight to the loo.

With the previous night’s success, Ella was once again excited to sleep in her bed with her big girl knickers on and no pull ups.  I tried to get her to go the loo before bed but she kept saying she didn’t need to.  I think the excitement of getting in bed was all too much, so I settled her down for a bedtime story (guess… yes, more Frozen!) and then asked again afterward and she did end up going in the end.  We put the drynite mat down and off to sleep she went, cuddling her teddy.

I let her have a bit of a lie in Wednesday morning because her sleep had been a bit broken with a cough, and it was the first time she slept through in 4 nights!  I checked her when I woke and she was dry.  I think my little munchkin has cracked sleeping without pull ups now.  I am so proud of her.

Ella’s little experience of getting out of nappies is so different from the boys’ experience, and she’s really been in control of the situation.  It is amazing how the approach to something like getting out of nappies can impact so significantly on their confidence.  To Ella she’s that step closer to being a ‘big girl’ now.

It milestones like this that remind me how quickly they grow up and I know its such a cliche saying, but they really do grow up so fast!  I wish I could wrap her up and keep her this amazing inquisitive and confident little bundle of joy forever… but then again I can’t wait for the next stage of her life and the adventures it brings.