Bridesmaid’s Dress fittings: No Tulle, No Tiaras and definitely No Tantrums !

I couldn’t have been more excited for last weekend to come.  On Friday my sister came down to London to stay with me and my best friend Bec, and we all went out for a lovely dinner and a good old gab.  I loved catching up and having a girlie evening.  On Saturday afternoon, the three of us headed to Wimbledon to meet my cousin-in-law, Jerry.  My bridesmaid squad was assembled and ready for dress shopping!

My idea for bridesmaids dresses is simple: I told them to pick whatever style they wanted and hopefully we can tie them in with the colour scheme.  The girls are all different dress sizes and heights too so I wanted them to pick something that suited them and that they felt fabulous in!  We’re getting married abroad and it’s set to be el-scorcho weather… the last thing my bridesmaids need is me picking out some typical fusty bridesmaid gown… and us having a boil-in-the-bag (dress) scenario in the mid day tropical heat!!!

I chose NABBD – Not Another Boring Bridesmaid Dress in Wimbledon to get our dresses from because they have all sorts, and all the designers I love all under the same roof.  I love the styles of the designers Hayley Paige, Jenny Yoo, and Mark Leslie; and NABBD carry loads of their styles and plenty more… so we were booked in, and the girls went to town.

We were in heaven when we were shown the main room with over 100 dresses in every colour and style you could imagineNatasha Hamilton

We were greeted by the most loveliest team of people who were so welcoming and helpful.  The day of the fittings, my sister realised she’d booked the wrong train home so we needed to get in earlier.  We dropped by on the off chance they’d move the appointment forward and they did, nothing was too much trouble for them.  We were in heaven when we were shown the main room with over 100 dresses in every colour and style you could imagine.  The four of us couldn’t wait to ransack the rails!!

They handed us a basket of pegs and said just place these on the hanger of the dresses we liked;  they then brought everything down to the dressing room once we’d finished.  Needless to say, because they had such a varied collection and we were completely and utterly spoilt for choice, there was probably 25 or more dresses that had been picked…

I decided that the style was more important at this point than the colour – and as there were hundreds of swatches of colour to chose from, I knew that wouldn’t be a problem.

Then came the mammoth task of choosing the right dresses for everyone. The 1st dress all three chose was lovely, each very much had their own individual style.  We made a rail for ‘keepers’.  Every time the girls walked out I was like ‘Oh that’s lovely!’  There was a few my sister tried on that were definite no-gos… when she tried those ones on she hid behind the curtain shouting out ‘no’.  It was great to have so many choices, having the freedom to experiment and try on lots of different looks that you wouldn’t normally go for.  Bec’s little girl, India joined in on the act and tried on lots of beautiful flower girls dresses, she looked such a picture!  It was nice to see what could potentially work for Ella too.  I wish Ella could have been there, but I promised her she can come to the next fitting.

Eventually we found 3 beautiful dresses all different that suited each of the girls and amazingly three dresses that work beautifully together.  I looked at the swatches and made sure I could get colours that fitted with the colour scheme and it all worked out perfectly!  The perfect afternoon with my 3 girls and it all went rather smoothly!  I couldn’t have asked for a nicer day and a more warm and welcoming place to shop for the dresses. Thanks Ladies x