My week to reset and recoup…. well so I thought!

I’ve just had a full week holiday from work.  Leading up to it I made plans to spend my week generally being Mum and sorting my house out after my move a few months back.   The thought of chilling out and getting organized again was bliss… how wrong was I!

The week turned into a mammoth mission… probably not helped by the fact I decided to try and cram all sorts in to 7 days!

Doing theatre you end up eating really late at night 6 days a week. My eating habits have completely changed as a result, and I find myself eating at 11pm sometimes because the shows don’t finish until 10.30pm. This has caused a lot of tummy problems especially reflux and digestion issues. My body has become quite acidic and I’ve just felt generally lethargic and uncomfortable during the day and I started to get quite ran down.  So of course I decided to do a ‘detox’ on my week off.  The plan was to get my body back to optimum health so I could enjoy the rest of the performance run without health issues.

My first part of the detox was juicing. I have done several juice detox’s before with Jason Vales Juice Master Plans and this is the perfect way to load the body with an abundance of raw nutrients. Whenever I’ve juiced before I’ve finished whatever plan I was on and felt totally transformed physically and mentally afterwards.  These detoxes have always massively boosted my energy levels.  The increase in energy is unreal and my mental clarity and focus is so much clearer after doing the juicing. Cutting out all processed foods, refined flours, sugars, caffeine and alcohol and opting for 5 days of raw fruit & veg juiced for convenience was the perfect option for me. I also enrolled in a local Bootcamp, an hour class 3 times across the week and 2 Pilates classes on the reformer machines…..

You can see how the notion of a chilled week quickly disappeared!

By the way, if like me you have a ridiculously curved spine, mine is mainly from carrying 4 children, then reformer Pilates is incredible! It helps to improve posture, flexibility, stamina and strength. I’m not one to do things by halves so I got stuck straight in on the Monday and continued for the week.   I have to say though, 5 days after juicing and training, I sat on my sofa feeling like a completely different person!

The training was only an hour or two a day, the rest of my days were chocker block spent being Mum at home spending much needed quality time with the kids.

We managed to cram so much in every day.  It was so needed.  The hardest part of being on tour is being away from my family.  Nothing prepares you for that and it doesn’t get easier.

While it didn’t end up being the chilled week I fantasized about while on tour, I was so glad I decided to do the detox.  Not only did it totally reset my tummy and overall health, the detox gave me such an energy boost I was able to do so much more with the kids without feeling tired.  I had so much get up and go and such a clear head.  It was brilliant and not a moment wasted. Talk about being ‘present’ and on the moment.  We had a brilliant week and made the most of every second together.

I’ve returned back to work feeling amazing and fully recharged.