September Blues

Is it just me or is there something about September that brings a drop of gloom… the evenings suddenly getting shorter, the onset autumn chill… and the kids going back to school after a summer spent together.

I can hand on heart say I had one of the most beautiful summers this year and spent so much quality time together as a family. Normally we go away and stay in a hotel where there’s all the distractions and things for the kids to do – which is great if you want a breather too. But this year we opted for a remote villa that didn’t have any of the entertainment or distractions that you get from a hotel – and it had very slow wifi.  Trying to find things to keep a family who are all at different ages and stages entertained is no easy task!  At first I was driven up the wall trying entertain them, but after a few days we all got in to the swing of things and were ‘forced’ to come up with ideas, games and make our own amusement.  We had an absolute ball!

After the initial panic of having no wifi (or may as well not had any it was so slow) I noticed how much more relaxed, involved and in the moment we all were. We found our own little rhythm again as a family.  It made me realise that living our increasingly hectic lives  – rushing to this after school club or that weekend activity, the school runs, the dinners, the cleaning, working and so on – its really rare to sit in each others’ company and just ‘BE’.

It wasn’t just me who felt this, I noticed the kids really re-bonded and they were all so relaxed.  They had the most amazing time with each other.  While at first there were the inevitable teething problems and conflict that you get when you have 4 bored kids kicking about and what what was amazing was how quickly that boredom turned to creativity and they all just cracked on with it.  Having little to no wi-fi turned out to be such a blessing! Nothing could make me happier than hearing them all hanging out together, the older two looking out for the younger two.  The two little ones really seemed to bloom and would put on dance shows entertaining us every evening.  It was just such a precious time!

I don’t know why its hit me more this year than others, but I wasn’t looking forward to the kids going back to school. I was dreading September.

Don’t get me wrong, I haven’t always felt like this!! Usually I love getting back in to the fixed routine after the manic summer holidays… maybe its because I know next year Josh will be leaving for the army and summer holidays as one big family may get fewer and fewer.

One thing I’ve taken out of this is to remember to make quality time.  Its easy to slip in to the rut of us all doing separate things.  I am sticking to the enforced rule of no tech devices between set hours in the evening so we all catch up and properly communicate without the distractions.

And for now, I’ll ride out September, look forward to cosy autumn weekends… and get planning the Christmas family holidays!