Tattoo taboo

I was driving in the car recently when I heard the radio hosts talking and laughing about the TV show where two friends or partners chose a tattoo for the other person.  So in this show, the tattoo doesn’t have to be meaningful, either person can choose to give the other a completely inappropriate tattoo. I know this show has been out a while… but really, how can this even be a format!!??

I genuinely couldn’t believe it was commissioned.  A TV show making light of young people potentially ruining their body’s PERMANENTLY for laughs on a TV show, for our so called entertainment.

As someone who had several tattoos, years after getting my first, I now realise that although I really wanted it, trends and fashions change, and a tattoo that I once loved is now just an annoyance and something I now regret. So letting another person pick your tattoo and it potentially being a joke for the TV viewer is completely reckless.

I have gone through tattoo removal and the procedure is painful, expensive and leaves scarring – it never fully goes! Is it just me who found this show immoral?  To commission a TV show aimed at young, impressionable people and glamourising tattoos.

The demographic age range for this show is obviously young, and we’ve see enough reality formats to know that young people will do most things for their 5 minutes of fame. I would not want my boys watching this and thinking it’s funny and a great idea!

Would be interesting to know if the ‘brains’ behind this show idea has kids….