Welcome to Gurgles and Hurdles

Hey there!

Welcome to ‘Gurgles and Hurdles‘, a REAL baby and parenting blog! If you’re looking for the picture perfect baby anecdotes… you wont find them here.

If you want to know what to do about your cracked nipples, or talk about post-birth-sex and peeing of pants (as in yours when you sneeze too hard – not your baby), then welcome! You’re in the right place.

So here it is, the tell-all baby blog that says it as it really is, and reminds you that those pretty, sunlit-dappled Instagram family snaps are not really how home-life goes down! They’re not real and nor are you a failure if your household looks more ‘Insta-grim‘ than Instagram! Instead G&H is here to remind you that there’s no right way to do anything when it comes to babies and if you feel like you’re losing it a bit, that’s OK too! We’ll be regularly pulling together a mammoth amount of recommended and reviewed events, family holidays, brands and products to take the tedium out of it for you!

So what makes me the expert – honestly, nothing, just a willingness to (over) share – and ‘sharing IS caring’… I’m also a mum of 4, so in my house, I’m definitely the biggest expert. Each pregnancy has been so different. I’ve had 2 caesarians, followed by a surprise natural birth (nearly delivered in a car 5 mins from the hospital), then a home birth and water delivery. I’ve suffered with pre-natal and post-natal depression; I’ve eaten placenta pills; I’ve miscarried; I haven’t breast fed; and I have breast fed. What I haven’t had is too much honest advice. There’s been times in pregnancy and post pregnancy that I have needed HONEST answers and sometimes just not known who to ask. So here it is, delve in, have a read…

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